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Janki Nath Temple Didwana Shital Kund Balaji Temple

Didwana Shri Janki-Vallabh mandir was built around  samavat 1730, this was foundation temple of Nagoriya Math . few hundred years ago Muslim emperor donated 300 acre of  land for construction of temple to Swami  Raghwaacharyaji but due to his kind heart  nature, he donated most of land to Poor people and brahmins for there livelihood, when muslim emperor came to know about donation of land he again gifted him 200 acre of land for temple, in guidance of Sitaramacharyaji foundation stone of Shital kund was done in samavd 1773.

All his Successor were quite capable, intelligent  and great devotees of god,  when kings of different region came to know about there devotion, they also gifted them many acres of land, rupees,  salt, oil etc  for development of temple due to which in present situation temple had 10 wings spread all over India and all wings are well constructed and in great position.

About  Didwana temple it  is located in Nagaur district near Narsingh-jee ka Chowk know by name  Shri Janki Vallabh Mandir(Nagoriya Math ) in that region where as 1 km far there is new constructed Shital- Kund temple of Hanumanji (Balaji) who’s renovation was done by Swami Shri Niwasaachryaji , where as in temple from last 68 years non stop kirtan is carried by devotees of temple.

Many Occasion are celebrated in temple with great enthusiasm like Brahomohtsav ( foundation day of temple) in Month of Jan or February , Holi utsav,  Hanuman jayanti in month of march-april, Dussehra etc.